Introducing Hyperplex Game Days!

Hyperplex Game Days


Hello Hyperplex Community Members,

    We are happy to announce Hyperplex Game Days! 



What is Hyperplex Game Days?

Hyperplex Game Days are days where the community comes together and plays a certain game. We would like everyone to get a chance to get to know one another and this is a fun way of doing just that.  There are no skill level requirements for these groups. Feel free to bring your friends as long as they are friendly!

*Please note that participating in Hyperplex Game Days is not required but we do recommend that you attend. We know that some community members may not play some of the games listed below and that is fine. We suggest that you keep playing your favorite games and communicate with other members to form groups.



There are no start times! We have members from around the globe and they playing all throughout the day. Please post in #general-chat and/or in the game specific Discord chat channel if you are looking for a group. Please start a group if there isn’t one going.


PC Game Days:

Mondays: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Tuesdays: Overwatch and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Wednesdays: Overwatch

Thursdays: Rainbow 6 Siege

Fridays: Party Game Night

  • 1st Friday of every month: Cards Against Humanity
  • 2nd Friday of every month: Drawful 2
  • 3rd Friday of every month: Gang Beasts
  • 4th Friday of every month: Golf With Your Friends
  • 5th Friday of every month: Tabletop Simulator


Console Game Days:

Mondays: NHL (PS4) and FIFA (XBOX)

Tuesdays: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite

Wednesdays: Rainbow 6 Siege

Thursdays: Rainbow 6 Siege

Fridays: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite


We are open to adding more games and change the schedule around. Please DM an @Owner in Discord and give us your suggestions. The current games are our communities most popular games. 


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