New Discord Layout, Member Ranks & Much More!

Today we are happy to announce, well, a lot of things. We will be changing our Discord server layout a bit to be a little more streamlined. This change is in part to the community night and member requirement changes we’re also making, more on that in a second. Another reason why we’re making these changes is because after observing the gaming landscape, and more specifically gaming communities as a whole, it has become clear that the traditional means of running and preserving a bustling community doesn’t really work anymore. Discord is partially to blame as everyone has their own server and might be in dozens of other servers as well. The second part comes down to the online environment. There was a study recently (i’ll post the source if I can find it) that said that an online user that receives a notification of some kind has about a 6% chance of actually seeing and retaining that information. Whether or not you believe that number, it kind of makes sense. With everyone on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Youtube, Twitch, etc., we are overloaded with a consistent stream of content and seeing our posts about our little community night get togethers will often get pushed down in the feed. So with all that being said, we want to change the way we structure our community to better weave into the current media and gaming landscape.

Community Nights
Starting today our community nights will go from being hosted nearly every night to only two nights a week. The two nights will be Friday and Saturday. The games played on Friday will be voted on by the community, similar to how we did party game night voting in the past. Saturday’s will be a rotating game that we choose weekly. Friday night voting will start every Sunday and Saturday’s game will be announced the same day. We feel that limiting our get togethers will make them have a little more weight behind them and not get so mundane. This also helps out our Game Admins as well by not putting so much pressure on them running several events a week. They’re people too and have family commitments, work and other things going on so I’m sure they’ll enjoy this change just as much.

Member Requirement Revisions
A couple months back, we made the change to require each Hyperplex member to attend at least one community night or event a month to retain membership. With the changes to community nights, we’ll have to change this as well. We no longer require you to attend one event a month but we still require you to remain active. If we notice a member has been inactive in the Discord, we will message them to find out why they are not participating.

Member Ranks
Something that we’ve kept under wraps for a while is Hyperplex custom member ranks. We needed to do a decent amount of planning to make sure we get it right from the start. We’ll make a seperate post on member ranks directly after this post that goes into detail about how to earn ranks. The basic idea is you earn ranks by earning points, more on this later, by completing various activities within the community. Whether that’s participating in community nights, completing community challenges (see below), being chosen as having the clip of the week and a handful of other things. We’ll be adding more ways to earn points to go towards new ranks in the future. Another factor is your length of membership, overall community involvement, new member referrals and commendations. We will retroactively apply ranks to tenured members of Hyperplex. The updates will be posted in the #member-update channel in Discord.

Community Challenges
As aforementioned, community challenges will be a good way to earn points towards your next rank but will also add a little competitiveness between members. The challenges are typically based on individual performance in a given game. Depends on how popular these challenges become, we may add a leader board to showcase the best performing members. Some challenges will have prizes attached but the majority will only offer points towards member ranks. The community challenges will be posted and will be updated every two weeks in Discord. Now some of these challenges may end up being too easy or too hard so we would like to receive feedback after the first couple resets. If you can think of a good challenge, please let us know and we’ll give it a shot. The community challenge details will be in the member rank post that proceeds this post.

Team Apparel
We’ve had a lot of setbacks with this topic but I think we finally have the wheels spinning in the right direction. We will have an update really soon on this.

Boy, that’s a lot of stuff all at once. We hope everyone, firstly, made it this far in the post and secondly, embaces these changes and enjoys them. The member ranks were a long time coming but they’re finally here and we think they’ll add that missing piece of the community. Community challenges will be a great way to play solo or in a group and still interact with the community. Over the course of next few weeks, please leave us your feedback on all of the new changes. We have a #suggestions channel in the Members Only section for just that.
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